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Our preschool basketball program was developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney.

Australia's first-ever Preschool Basketball Program!

Our play basketball program consists of basketball activities for preschoolers, all specially designed to focus on the Fundamental Movements Skills (FMS). Aside from basic skills, this program for kids targets quality areas 1 and 3 of the National Quality Standards (NQS), which sets a high national benchmark for early childhood education and outside school hours care services in Australia. Throughout our 8-week program, we incorporate gross motor movements such as balancing, throwing, catching, running, bouncing, galloping, shooting and more. All of these are fun and engaging activities within a safe environment. Our goal is to teach team sports through fun basketball games for a young age group. Most of the time, the basketball court is a new environment for boys and girls, and kids' basketball brings the energy and fun out of these active kids!


Children's Fundamental Movement Skills will be improved and developed through structured activities such as warm-up games and mini-basketball games.

Our Preschool Basketball Program is delivered by highly skilled coaches that have a passion for working with children.

Our program will focus on improving quality areas 1 and 3 of the NQS which will improve your overall ACEQA rating.

Our daycare program incorporates fortnightly themes that are designed to teach team sports skills such as sportsmanship and leadership. All the while, the mini boomers learn to play ball, upgrade their basketball skills, learn about good sportsmanship, and celebrate team spirit.

Little Boomers Basketball is the only daycare basketball program in Australia, and the activities we have designed are very unique to the market.

Our motivated coaches will travel to your centre to conduct the program each week consistently. With their professional coaching experience, they can structure activities to accommodate players across all skill levels, and also adjust the coaching strategy depending on a specific participant’s skill level. This is to ensure that all the players can play ball and have a positive experience with team sports.

BOOMERS GUARANTEE! If, by the end of the term, you or any parent isn’t satisfied with the level of our service, we will give you a FULL refund and a FREE basketball on top! That’s how certain we are that your centre will have a blast with our program and coaches.

"Little Boomers have just completed a term with our children at Panania Child Care Centre, and what a great experience they have had! The communication from the administration was fantastic, the coaches were amazing with such a young group of children and the children were so excited week to week to learn new skills and become the captain of the week! We look forward to another year with Buddy and his Little Boomers team."

Panania Childcare Centre

You will notice improvements in children's:

Gross Motor Skills

Skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing and catching are incorporated throughout the 8 weeks


Our dribbling skills will improve hand-eye coordination with both the left and right hand

Energy Levels

Completing a 30 minute basketball session in the morning will improve children's focus and mood regulation throughout the day

Mood Regulation

Studies show that physical activity helps develop and sustain children's mood regulation throughout the day

Listening Skills

The skills we have designed require children to follow instructions in order to complete a task

Cognitive Development

Through problem solving activities that require children to discover a solution

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