School Basketball Program


Our unique basketball development program, will help meet the requirements of the States’ Board of Studies K-6 PD/H/PE curriculum.

All Equipment Provided

We provide the hoops, basketballs and all other equipment. Our hoops are adjustable to cater for younger children.

Accredited Basketball Coaches

All our coaches are basketball trained and have a passion for working with children.

Game Development

Skill need to be applied in a game setting. We conduct 3v3 and 5v5 games so students can also learn the rules of basketball.

Specialised Skills Training

All our skills are fun and designed to improve the fundamentals of basketball including dribbling, passing, shooting and more. We also include

Working With Children Checks

All of our coaches have valid Working With Children Checks.

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school basketball program

Creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment fostered by our accredited and engaging coaches.

At Little Boomers Basketball, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our coaching staff. Our coaches are not only highly qualified and accredited professionals but also dedicated individuals who understand the importance of engaging with students at the primary school level.

We believe that building strong connections with our young athletes is crucial for their development, both on and off the court. Our team is comprised of coaches with a passion for teaching, proven expertise in basketball, and a commitment to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Curriculum based basketball classes that align with the PDHPE syllabus guidelines.

Our Little Boomers basketball program is an ideal fit for your school’s PDHPE syllabus. We emphasize physical fitness and development through basketball, covering core PDHPE principles like movement skills, teamwork, and personal well-being.

Our certified coaches integrate these concepts into our lessons, ensuring that students not only enhance their basketball skills but also learn essential life skills that are crucial for their holistic development. We work closely with schools to complement the PDHPE curriculum, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while fostering teamwork, resilience, and a strong sense of well-being among our students.

Our program is a valuable addition to your school’s physical education offerings, creating a well-rounded educational experience for your students.

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