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More than just

When your child scores their first basket (that's what we call it in basketball) it will be a moment you will remember for a long time! But at Little Boomers, we also use basketball to develop life skills that will help children off the basketball court. Our coaches instil in every Little Boomers class how to be a good role model on the basketball court and the importance of being a good team-mate. Aside from basketball skills we also work on:


Following Instructions


Being a Team Player


Keeping Active

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What if my child doesn’t enjoy your program? We give you a FULL refund.

We know as a parent, joining a program for 8 weeks is a big commitment that you and your child needs to make. It is for this reason that if by the end of the term you or your child aren’t happy with our program, we offer a FULL refund with no loopholes.

Most programs don’t offer this however we are so invested into the quality of our programs and the coaches that deliver it, that 90% of children transition into the next level!

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Children's Basketball Program

The old myth – kids need to be tall to play basketball

There’s a funny old myth that to play basketball you need to be tall. This couldn’t be any more wrong. At Little Boomers, we have created a children’s basketball program that is designed for everyone including children who have never touched a basketball and those with experience. We utilise adjustable hoops to cater for younger kids and use different size basketballs that allow children to hold and grip the basketball.

All our programs are delivered by highly skilled and motivated coaches that will develop your child’s fundamental movement skills through age specific games.

There’s a reason why we have a full refund policy if you or your child isn’t satisfied with our program by the end of the term, because we’re certain that you will LOVE IT!

Did you know that Little Boomers Basketball also provides...

Daycare Basketball Program

Our daycare basketball program has been specially designed to focus on the fundamental movements skills (FMS) Book your free trial today!

Basketball Birthday Party

Is it your child's special day soon? We bet you've never heard of a basketball themed birthday party! Let Little Boomers take care of the party so you can enjoy the special day.

School Holiday Camps

It can be difficult keeping children occupied during the holiday's. Leave it to our expert coaches to keep your child active and learning with our fun age specific basketballs camps!