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3-4 Years

Mini Boomers

4 - 5 Years

Little Boomers

6 - 8 Years

Mighty Boomers

9 - 12 Years

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Your child’s journey begins with Little Boomers at 3. Through constant exposure with our mentors, world class programs and supportive environment, your child will not only advance their basketball skills, but become confident role models and leaders in their community by age 12.


AGES 3-4

Your child’s first positive experience in a team sport environment with Little Boomers

Mini Boomers

AGES 4-5

Developing your child’s fundamental skills and introducing the concept of the game

Little Boomers

AGES 6-8

Developing more complex skills while introducing leadership qualities such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication

Mighty Boomers

AGES 9-12

Developing more game-related skills and refining technical skills. In this program, children learn all the rules of the game

5v5 Competitions

AGES 9-12

Designed to get your child competition ready, so they are confident to join a team or a club and compete against other children

More than just
Kids Basketball

When your child scores their first basket, it will be a moment you will remember for a long time! But at Little Boomers, we also use sports to develop life skills that will help kids both on and off the court. In our program, kids are taught how to become a leader on the court, as well as the importance of being a good teammate. Aside from basketball skills, we also teach them the importance of:


Team Work





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We are the LEADERS for kids’ basketball in Australia.

Rated top 25 most popular activities in Australia!

When we first started in 2018, we had 16 children enrolled in our basketball training program. After only 3 years, we now have thousands of kids who participate in the Little Boomers program every term.

We’ve developed a fun basketball program that is delivered by coaches who will go above and beyond to ensure your child has a positive experience with Little Boomers.

Our kids’ basketball classes include fundamental skills training for new members, modified games to accommodate all skill levels, fun and engaging drills, and various team sports exercises. 

Little Boomers Basketball is more than a basketball club. It’s a place where kids develop friendships, good sportsmanship, and confidence.

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Programs & Services

Little Boomers Basketball offers up to 10 different programs! Find out how we can serve you best, by viewing our world-class services.

Franchise Opportunties

Are you keen to become your own boss in one of the most rewarding industries to be a part of? Become a franchise partner with Little Boomers, and have the support you need to succeed as a business owner.


Does your child need basketball experience to join our program? Check out all the frequently asked questions that parents ask about our programs.

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All our kids’ basketball classes have been developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney, to ensure we are providing the highest quality program for children.

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Discover the Best Basketball Classes for Kids in Australia

Are you on the lookout for a fun, energetic way to help your child build excellent teamwork skills and keep fit? Well, Little Boomers might be the place for you. We have been offering basketball classes for kids between 3 and 12 since 2018. Since then, Little Boomers have exploded, with thousands joining our kids’ basketball classes every single term.

Tailored Kids Basketball Lessons for Every Age and Skill Level

At Little Boomers, we are aware that providing basketball for kids requires an understanding that each child is unique, with an entirely different skill level. Working closely with sports and exercise scientists from the University of Technology Sydney, we have tailored each kid’s basketball session to cater to various age groups so they can be easily adapted to all skill levels.

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Elevate Your Child’s Game with Expert Basketball Training

Our team of dedicated, passionate, and experienced coaches is committed to providing youth basketball training that will elevate your child’s game. All our coaches are certified and trained to instil a positive attitude and love for the game in each basketball class for kids.

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Engaging Basketball Training Drills for Kids of All Ages

We ensure all our basketball classes for kids are thrilling and delivered so they want to aim high and achieve. Our basketball classes are also spread between four age groups: Pre-school Boomers, Mini Boomers, Might Boomers, and, of course, Little Boomers. We have even started an additional Daycare Program. This guarantees that all our lessons are perfectly suitable to their specific age range.

Join Our Community: More than Just Basketball for Kids

Little Boomers basketball classes for kids create a vibrant community that extends far beyond the court. We foster a supportive network that values their athletic development. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a kid to get involved; we also offer franchise opportunities for those wishing to run their very own Little Boomers basketball classes.

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Building Teamwork and Skills in Youth Basketball

All of our basketball lessons for kids are about more than point scoring; it’s about building some of life’s most essential skills. Little Boomers puts massive emphasis on teamwork, communication, and self-discipline, helping them develop into well-rounded individuals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Little Boomers basketball classes for kids cater for four age groups: 3-4, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

To find your nearest Little Boomers youth basketball clubs, head to the top right corner of our homepage, type in your city or postcode, and click Go!

We have managed to achieve so much due to our expert coaches, close collaboration with sports scientists, and, most of all, you guys for putting your trust in us.

Absolutely! We design our programs to be age-specific and cater for the skills they are likely to have, maximising their development in every basketball class.