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When your child scores their first basket (that's what we call it in basketball) in a basketball game it will be a moment you will remember for a long time! But learning life skills that will help children off the basketball court is the ultimate goal and this is when our coaches come into the picture. Our coaches focus on building your child to become a ROLE MODEL and we use basketball, such a fun an intense TEAM SPORT to teach these life skills. We use basketball to teach life skills such as:


Following Instructions


Being a Team Player


Keeping Active

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All our basketball classes are COVID SAFE.

As a parent, we want to make sure that your child’s safety is paramount as they begin improving there basketball skills and making friends at Little Boomers.

All of our basketball classes comply with the Department of Health guidelines for Covid Safe practices to ensure the wellbeing of your child. The practices we have taken are as follow:

  • All children and parents before each basketball class starts must place hand sanitiser on. We will provide a bottle at every class. (yes we managed to find some!)
  • All coaches will be using sanitiser before and after each class
  • All basketballs will be rinsed in disinfectant before the start of a class
  • Until safe, hand contact will be minimised. We have created new and cool ways to show recognition to children.
Kids Basketball Training
Children's Basketball Program

The Old Myth – Kids need to be tall to play basketball.

There’s a funny old myth that to play basketball you need to be tall. This couldn’t be any more wrong. We have created a children’s basketball program that is designed for everyone including kids who have never touched a basketball and those with experience. We utilise adjustable hoops to cater for all ages and use different size basketballs that allow children to hold and grip the ball with ease.

We understand that basketball in a non-mainstream sport but with the right program combined with quality coaches, we will develop your child’s fundamental movement skills. Our coaches understand that every child learn’s differently and are trained to help your child grow with Little Boomers and become apart of the Boomers Family.

There’s a reason why we have a full refund policy if you or your child isn’t satisfied with our program, because we’re certain that you will LOVE IT!

Did you know that Little Boomers Basketball also provides...

Daycare Basketball Program

Our daycare basketball program has been specially designed to focus on the fundamental movements skills (FMS) and target quality area 1 and 3 of the national quality standards (NQS)

Basketball Birthday Party

Our basketball themed birthday parties will guarantee that your child never forgets that special day they decided to party with Little Boomers.

School Holiday Camps

Our school holiday camps are proven to increase physical activity and reduce screen time during the holidays by playing fun basketball games. Our coaches are EXPERTS in making sure our camps are suitable to children of all skill levels.