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Each year we host ALL-STAR day, an exclusive private event, for Boomers members only.

Check this video out.

What is All-Star day?

Do you remember back in primary school, when you were selected to represent your sports team?

Remember the feeling of joy and excitement knowing that you were hand picked from many other students?

Well at Little Boomers, the ultimate achievement is being selected to represent your local area at our annual All-Star day.

Each of our motivated franchisees selects 8 players to represent their area and compete against other children all over the state.

This event serves as a milestone and driving force for our Little Boomers to practise their best all year round during the term in the hope of being one of the lucky 8 to represent their area.

But that’s not it…

Even if your child isn’t selected to represent their area, we have plenty of games, skills and activities for all Boomers members to join in, regardless of skill level.

It’s an amazing day and one that you don’t want to miss out on.

This special event is exclusive to members that have completed our term program in the past.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.

During the gala day, we giveaway prizes, gifts and rewards to make the day even more exciting for the kids.

 We even host a special half-time show, but you will have to be there to see what happens!

Don’t miss out on our next LBB All-Star day, it will be sure to sell out!


Happy Child = Happy Parent!

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