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How Sports Psychology Has Evolved In the Last Decade

How Sport Psychology Helps Young Athletes Only decades ago, most people viewed the burgeoning field of psychology as a field of study laden with pseudoscience and unsubstantiated theories — because, in many ways, it was. To this day, many doubt the practical effects that therapy can have. Today, men in Australia are 30% less likely than women to seek help for […]

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Staying Safe In Kid’s Basketball: The Basics

Staying Safe in Kid’s Basketball: The Basics As a parent, it’s understandable to be concerned when your child starts playing sports. While basketball is technically non-contact, it’s still very physical, and pushing and shoving can occur in an intense game. Any sport presents a certain amount of risk, what with the running and athleticism required […]

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Are Team Sports Good for Kid’s Psychology?

Are Team Sports Good for Kids’ Psychology? For thousands of years in every culture worldwide, children have always played sports. From the Mesoamerican ballgame in 1650 BCE to the basketball we know and love today, team sports have always played a key role in culture and childhood development. Health Direct reports that children can see numerous emotional, social, and […]

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