Own a Kids Basketball Franchise!

Be UNIQUE, start your own kids basketball franchise and begin living a flexible and rewarding life.

The benefits of starting your own Little Boomers Basketball franchise are:


Little Boomers Basketball is one of the only children's basketball provider in Australia, giving you a competitive edge.

High Renewal Rates

85% of parent's register their child for a minimum of two terms, giving you a strong customer base.

Flexible Lifestyle

Say goodbye to the 9-5 work life. Becoming a Boomers boss allows you to live a flexible life to help achieve your personal goals.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

Little Boomers offers 7 unique programs to the market.

On-Going Support

Once you start your franchise journey with us, you will have on-going support from our team in all areas of business development.

Become a Boomers boss and start living a flexible and rewarding lifestyle. Get in contact with us Today!

But I have 0 Knowledge about Basketball & Business?

We realise that many people don’t understand basketball or the rules, what’s a travel? What’s a double dribble? Do you need in depth knowledge about basketball to be a Little Boomers Franchise owner? The answer is NO.

In fact you don’t even need to have played basketball before. We’re simply looking for someone who is passionate with working with children and want’s to make a difference to this world. 

And what better way then to see a child buzzing with energy and a smile on there face as they finish a basketball class with Little Boomers.

The same applies for business knowledge. Yes, having basketball and business knowledge will help you with your franchise but it is not mandatory. We will teach you all the important business practices and steps that will help you run your Little Boomers Franchise the same way we did, that built it up to 250 children each term.



Basketball is becoming a POPULAR choice of sport for children.

Basketball has never been a mainstream sport for children in Australia, with first preferences being soccer and football. However as more Aussies are playing at the elite level in the NBA (National Basketball Association) it is becoming more popular at the grassroots level.

Basketball is unique, played at a very fast pace and fun to play for children. Little Boomers has created a structured basketball program that improves childhood development while having amazing health and psychological benefits for children.

In Australia, there a very few non-elite basketball programs that are well structured and fun for children as young as three and a half years old. This gives you a competitive advantage and doesn’t make you feel like another fish in the ocean.

How did we create a successful franchise model that delivers a basketball program to kids as young as 3.5 years old?

Through the implementation of modified hoops, smaller basketballs and specially designed skills and activities, we have created a program that doesn’t just teach basketball skills but LIFE skills.

The result? Parents love it. In all of our classes there is a sense of family spirit and warmth that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.  Our systems and steps show how you can form what we call the “Boomers Family”. See for yourself by viewing all the Facebook reviews that parent’s leave on our page here.


Is that person in the blue going to be me if I invest in a Kids Basketball Franchise with Little Boomers?

Absolutely not. You will have FULL support for every step you take in your franchise journey with Little Boomers. You will not just be handed the operations manual and told “Good luck!” We will teach you all the systems and processes starting from recruitment and organising your Boomers Team. You will be trained on how to deliver and execute all of our programs that will help you form a strong customer base, and word of mouth.

We will also teach you how to find and keep customers backed up by a team of motivated coaches that have a genuine interest in childhood development.