Term 3 registrations for new families will open June 20th.

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Ever heard of a children's basketball franchise opportunity? That's because there is only ONE on the market!

Little Boomers Basketball is the first kids basketball program to franchise their business model! Why should you partner with us and our network of professionals?


We're one of the only children's basketball providers in Australia, giving you a competitive edge in the market.


Once your area is pumping and you have quality coaches running the classes for you, you will have much more time on your hands to do the things you want!


We offer 7 unique basketball programs to the market, all catering for different age groups, many of which aren't available elsewhere. Some parents even travel one hour on the road to get to our classes!


If you start your own business, guess what? No one knows about you. Little Boomers Basketball has an established and reputable name in the kids sports industry as the leaders in children's basketball and development. This supreme brand power will be yours to harnest!


85% of parent's register their child for a minimum of two consecutive terms, giving you not just a strong customer base, but also great recurring income.

There's a massive gap in the market right now for children's basketball. Get in contact with us TODAY!

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Welcome Yianni – The FIRST Boomers Boss!

Little Boomers Basketball is proud to announce that we have our first franchisee joining the team – YIANNI. Yianni is the first person in history to own a kids basketball franchise, so join us in congratulating him! Yianni started with Little Boomers as a coach and after a term of watching children grow and develop through the Boomers program, he has now become the franchise owner of the Five-Dock/Burwood region. Yianni – welcome the the Boomers Family!

But I have ZERO knowledge about running a kids basketball franchise?

What’s a travel? What’s a double dribble? Do you need in depth knowledge about basketball to become a Little Boomers Basketball Franchise Owner? The answer is NO.

In fact you don’t even need to have played basketball before. We’re simply looking for someone who is passionate with working with children and wants to make a difference in their lifetime. 

What better way than to see a child buzzing with energy and a smile on their face as they have just scored their first basketball shot in the game!

The reason why people join a franchise is because they don’t want to feel like they are alone –  as if you were starting your own business from scratch. At Little Boomers, you will get full support from our team in every aspect of your business.

Just like in a game of basketball, TEAMWORK is the key to winning and success.


children's basketball program

At Little Boomers, we don't like to complicate things. Becoming a Boomers Boss is as easy as scoring a three pointer 😉. There are 5 steps:

STEP 1 - Meet & Greet

We like to think of franchising as a marriage for 5 years. Let's get to know each other first before rushing into things. Coffee on us.

STEP 2 - Complete The Online Application Form

Don't worry, it's not an exam. We just need to make sure you are the right fit for a Little Boomers Franchisee

STEP 3 - Discovery Day

You will have the privilege to jump into our awesome basketball truck where we will visit live basketball classes in action and meet some of our lovely franchisee's.

STEP 4 - Terrority and Zoning

We will go over which exclusive terrority you will now have ownership over to deliver our world class basketball program.

STEP 5 - Offer and Training

We will then propose an offer for you so you can consult with your accountant or any other individuals. Once the paperwork is done, it's time for training!

There's a massive gap in the market right now for children's basketball. Get in contact with us TODAY!

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Basketball is RISING in Australia

As more Aussies are playing at the elite level in the NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball is becoming more popular at the grassroots level and a great choice for parents and children.

Children love to play basketball, it’s fun and it’s different. Little Boomers Basketball has developed a structured program that improves childhood development for boys and girls ages 3.5-12. The result? Parents can’t get enough of it, 85% enrol for the following term and our classes always book out!

In Australia, there are very few non-elite basketball programs that are well structured and fun for children as young as three and a half years old. This gives you a competitive advantage and doesn’t make you feel like another fish in the ocean.

What support does Little Boomers Basketball offer me once I sign up as a franchisee and ongoing?

  • We help you find and secure venues to operate your classes in
  • We train and provide a team of coaches to run the classes (you can coach yourself of course)
  • We create a massive marketing launch exclusively to your terrority to promote your classes and sign-up’s
  • We teach you how to operate our systems and enrolment software
  • We teach you how to secure day-care centres, OOSH programs and primary schools
  • We provide you with all the equipment you need to start your classes including hoops, basketballs, jerseys and so on
  • Weekly meetings to keep in touch and offer assistance for wherever necessary
  • Goal setting – Together we will aim to set targets of how many enrolments we want to achieve each term and knock them down together.
  • Training – We will provide ongoing training to changes that occur in our program or systems to keep things fresh and new.
  • Marketing – A portion of your royalty fee will be allocated back into your terrority for marketing to ensure you are getting the exposure you need to maximise sign-up’s
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How did Michael Jordan win 6 championships??

Everybody knows Michael Jordan.

Did you know that before Michael Jordan won his first championship, he made it to the finals several times but lost all of them.

So how did he end up winning 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls?

Once Jordan realised that basketball is a TEAM SPORT and that winning requires multiple people to align their goals together, he was UNSTOPPABLE.

The same goes with franchising. It requires a team effort from both us and you. At the end of the day, our success is based on your success and the only way for both parties to be successful is through teamwork.

You’re not just INVESTING in a kids basketball franchise, you’re JOINING a FAMILY

Little Boomers Basketball was built on family with Emile the owner and his mother Mary the director. With a strong family comes strong and deep values. So when you decide to invest with Little Boomers Basketball, you’re investing in a business that has core values built on a solid foundation for you to succeed. As a franchisee your success is our success so we will do everything within our means to make sure you flourish and prosper.

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