Our Mighty-Boomers program was developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney.

Learning how to become a TEAM LEADER

Our Mighty Boomers program is our advanced basketball program that develops and prepares your child for competitions. Along with building your child's core basketball skills, our coaches will also instil good leadership and role model attributes that will help them off the court. Our coaches are EXPERTS in making sure children of all skill levels are a part of the team and are developing their basketball skills along the way. We know that every child learns differently and is at a different developmental stage which is why the games we have designed are adaptable to children of all skill levels, including beginners.


Fantastic opportunity to improve physical fitness while also improving basketball skills at the same time

Safe and Secure: All classes are held indoors and all coaches have valid working with children checks and qualifications

Inclusion into a team sport and being part of a team will build important life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership that individual sports can’t focus on.

We will develop skills that will help your child compete in proper competitions such as shooting, dribbling and learning how to do a lay-up.

Fantastic opportunity to develop your child’s leadership skills as we teach and reward attributes of a good role model throughout each session.

The games we have designed are adaptable to all children making them easy to learn, fun and also challenging at the same time

Little Boomers is also COVID SAFE, practising guidelines given from the Department of Health at every class.

BOOMERS GUARANTEE! If by the end of the term, you or your child isn’t satisfied with the level of our service, we will give you a FULL refund and a FREE basketball on top! That’s how certain we are that you’re child will have a blast with our program and coaches.

"My son has been in the Mighty Boomers program for a few months now and absolutely loves it. The program is fantastic, always fun and has great skills training for the kids. The coaches are very helpful and professional and Emile is always happy to assist. Highly recommend it."

Tina - Mother

You will notice improvements in your child's:


We select team captains at the end of each session to reward children for displaying role model attributes


As your child’s skills develop along with being a part of a team their confidence will also increase


Dribbling practice improves hand-eye coordination of both dominant and non-dominate hand

Decision Making

Our game at the end will improve your child’s decision making skills for example when to pass or when to dribble and score

Energy Levels

Studies show that physical activity help increase energy levels and focus for the entire day.

Gross Motor Skills

Our program includes agility ladders and other activities designed to improve gross motor development


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