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The Boomers Family

The Boomers Story3

Every start-up has a good STORY behind it.

The story behind how Little Boomers Basketball originated is a funny one. Rather than writing how everything came about to what it is today, we created a very short video that details how we created fun basketball lessons for kids.

Click on the link below and find out how Coach Emile went from university graduate to running kids basketball classes with the help of his family.


The Boomers FAMILY

When your child starts their basketball lessons with us, they haven’t just started a basketball program but they have JOINED the Boomers Family. What does this mean? When you are a part of our Boomers family you’re an exclusive member to us, we treat you like our own family.

To show our appreciation to our Boomers Family, we invite our members and their family to our popular Annual Christmas Party, that is a free event, including food, drinks, prizes, entertainment and coaching for 3 hours, all FREE!

We also show our appreciation to our families with a photo of your child graduating with us at the end of each basketball term.

The Boomers Story 1

Our Core Values Throughout All Basketball Lessons

All of our coaches and basketball trainers abide by 3 Core Values whenever they step on or off the court.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Treat each and every child as if they are your own
  2. Make a child’s one hour basketball class the highlight of their week
  3. Become a role model for children to aspire to be

Meet Our Director

Emile Koorey

Founder and Head Coach

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