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Here are the most asked questions from Guardians and Parents

  • My child has never played basketball before. Can they join?

    Most definitely! Every single one of our programs requires no prior skill level, as Little Boomers aims to build your child’s skills regardless of prior sporting experience.
  • What happens if my child does not enjoy the program?

    Then we will refund you the full amount by the end of the term PLUS we will give your child a free basketball on top! That's how certain we are that they will enjoy our program and friendly coaches.
  • If my child is 5, will they be practising with 10 year olds?

    Of course not! We have designed 3 separate programs that are divided in accordance with ages. The skills and drills are tailored to suit children of that age group.
  • What clothing and footwear do the children wear in class?

    Children can wear casual clothing (shorts or pants) and are required to wear their Little Boomers jersey to each session. Sneakers are the preferred form of footwear.
  • Are we allowed to drop off our child and return when the session finishes?

    For your child’s safety, it is compulsory that parents remain for the duration of their child's basketball class.
  • Is my child able to trial a session before joining for the entire term?

    Certainly! Little Boomers can offer a free trial session where there is an available spot. Call Coach Emile on 0422 320 492 to organise a trial.
  • When does my child receive their basketball jersey?

    On their first session of the term!
  • Does my child need to bring a basketball?

    During COVID SAFE practice period, each child is encouraged to bring their own basketball or you can purchase a Little Boomers Basketball (contact Emile – info@littleboomersbasketball.com.au).
  • Are you an Active Kids provider?

    We are excited to announce that we are an Active Kids Provider! When registering your child on our website, you can use your voucher to have $100 reduced from registration costs.
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