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Location - Blue Street, North Sydney

Kids basketball classes for boys and girls 3-12 that are non-competitive, and designed for children of all skill levels.

Includes Skills & Games

Each 1 hour basketball class includes a combination of basketball skills and a game, where they can put their skills to practice!

Designed For Beginners

All our basketball programs are specially designed for children of all skill level and ability.

Includes Little Boomers Basketball Training Kit

All new children that join our basketball program, receive a Little Boomers Basketball jersey and shorts, so they can feel like a baller on the court!

Run by Accredited Coaches

All our coaches are qualified in coaching kids basketball and have a passion for working with children!

8 Week Program

All our term-based basketball programs run for 8 weeks, giving your child time to develop a range of basketball skills along with an added self-confidence boost for them to take off the court.

We have strict children to coaches ratio, so secure your child's spot with us today!

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Does your child need to be tall to for our basketball lessons?

Absolutely not.

There’s a funny old myth that to play basketball you need to be tall. This couldn’t be any more wrong. Our kids basketball lessons are for children of all skill levels, whether they have never touched a basketball or have played before. We utilise adjustable hoops to cater for younger kids and use different size basketballs that allow children to hold and grip the basketball.

All our junior basketball training programs in Blue Street, North Sydney, are delivered by highly skilled and motivated coaches that will develop your child’s basketball skills in a fun and friendly environment that they can’t wait for each week.

Why enrol your child with Little Boomers Basketball?

Great question. Here’s why Little Boomers Basketball is different to other kids basketball training programs:

  • STRUCTURED – Our kids basketball training program is structured to give your child the most experience during the 1 hour
  • FUN – How can you expect a child to attend their basketball lessons if they don’t enjoy them? All our kids basketball classes are designed to be fun and stimulating for children
  • QUALIFIED COACHES – Aside by being qualified, our basketball coaches have an intense desire and passion with working for children and will go the extra mile to ensure your child has a positive experience with our kids basketball classes in Blue Street, North Sydney.
  • CARE AND COMPASSION – Little Boomers Basketball is a family business, so we have a genuine care for the wellbeing and development of every child that joins our program. A child is not simply a “new enrolment”, but they are seen as an opportunity for us to make a positivity impact in their life that we have the honour of doing.
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Which type of basketball training program is best for my child?

Another great question and that all depends on your child’s age. All our kids basketball lessons in Blue Street, North Sydney are age-specific, meaning the skills are relevant to your child’s age A ten year old, shouldn’t be practising the same skills that a five year old would be, for example.

  • PRESCHOOLERS (Ages 3-4) – This basketball training program will help develop your child’s fundamental movement skills which is a crucial learning milestone.
  • MINI BOOMERS (Ages 4-5) – Our introductory kids basketball program that builds on a range of basic basketball skills and includes a game to improve social skills.
  • LITTLE BOOMERS (Ages 6-8) – This basketball training program focuses on building the basics but also develops more advanced basketball fundamentals such as the lay-up, suitable for that age group.
  • MIGHTY BOOMERS (Ages 9-12) – This program teaches and develops important game skills but also helps improve a range of fundamental basketball skills that are needed to be learnt early on.

With limited spots per class due to strict coach to children ratios, register your child for our kids basketball training program in Blue Street, North Sydney today!