Franchisee FAQs

Yes, there is a monthly royalty fee which is set at 10% + GST, based on revenue.

Yes, you need to be able to dunk. Only kidding! No basketball experience is required, we will provide comprehensive training that will teach you all you need to know. We just need to make sure you are the right fit for our team.

Nope! You will receive comprehensive training on all the different components of the business. We just need to make sure you have a passion and want to make a difference in the lives of children!

No, coaching is optional but it is definitely fun and rewarding to be involved in the coaching. We will train you on how to run the classes but you will have a team of coaches to help you.

The good thing about becoming a Boomers Boss is that the hours aren’t full-time, like 9-5. So there is some flexibility with continuing your current full-time job if you have one. However, you must understand that like any business, it requires effort and commitment from you to grow. Once your Little Boomers franchisee starts to grow, which is what our plan is, it will require more time and attention from you. Keep this in mind.

Yes! We have partnered with one of the most reputable lenders in Australia, iChoice, which can provide you with finance options within 48 hours of applying!

Before launching your franchise, we do a “PRE-LAUNCH”. This involves a step-by-step process we do 3 months before the launch of your new business. Each step is designed to increase your enrolments, including a comprehensive Facebook and Google ads campaign, that our in-house digital marketing agency will run, to ensure your first term of operation is successful.

The next step from here is to complete the form at the bottom of this page –

After that, Emile the founder of Little Boomers will be in touch with you.


Initially, our digital marketing experts will create a massive marketing launch at the commencement of your first term with us. (specialising in Facebook and Google ads) Ongoing, a portion of your royalty fee will be reinvested back into marketing for your area, to ensure we are continuously generating new leads and business for you. You will also need to be doing local area marketing which will be discussed later on.

As soon as agreements have been signed, we can expect to launch your first term within 3 months.

The total investment including how Little Boomers Basketball supports you initially to start up your franchise and ongoing will be discussed during your initial 15-minute phone consultation with Emile.

You can book your call here: 

Remember, like playing basketball, the key to winning is teamwork. There will be no solo efforts.

Support will be ongoing in all aspects of the business, from finding your first venue, recruiting your team of coaches, and marketing your first term of operation, to ensure you have a healthy amount of enrolments, to kickstart your franchise journey with us.

Yes, as our business model provides great flexibility,  you can invest in a Little Boomers Basketball franchise and only commit to working 3 hours per day on the business.

6 months – 18 months on average.

This depends on two factors – which locations are available and how quickly you take action to move to the next steps. We will show you a geographical map of which locations we have available that we can offer to you.

To view current locations available, click here –

Yes, during your training we will assist in recruiting and team of coaches to assist you and finding the right location to deliver your basketball classes.


To Become A Boomers Boss