Our Preschoolers program was developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney, to ensure we are providing the best possible program for children.

Why it's important to expose your child to a team environment early on.

Our Preschoolers basketball program will introduce your child to team sports through a comfortable and nurturing environment. In this program, your child will develop key social and communication skills as they follow along with our coaches who are more like mentors. Our accredited Sports Scientists have designed a specialized program that helps to develop children's fundamental movement skills (FMS), in a nurturing and fun environment. We use a variety of basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing, to develop hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and more! Your toddler/preschooler will love it!


We use specialised equipment such as smaller hoops and soft basketballs appropriate for your child's age group

Our program will improve your child's fundamental movement skills such as catching, dribbling and shooting

The games we have designed are adaptable to children of all skill level, even if they haven't played basketball before

Classes go for 40 minutes which is suitable for the attention and focus for that age group

Our program will help improve your child's ability to listen and follow instructions.

Safe and secure - All classes are held indoors and all coaches have valid working with children checks and qualifications

Here are some of the FAQ's about our Preschoolers Program:

  • Does the parent need to be at the class?

    Yes. Parental supervision is required for the full duration of every class.
  • How long does each class go for?

    40 minutes
  • Do I need to bring anything?

    Only a water bottle and your child! We supply everything else.
  • How many weeks does the program go for?

    8 weeks
  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Since our programs are in high demand, trial classes are subject to availability. Email [email protected] to arrange a trial class.
  • Do you accept the Active Kids voucher?

    We definitely do! You can use the voucher when registering your child online to receive the discount.
  • My child has never played basketball before, would that be okay?

    Of course! Our basketball program is designed for complete beginners and also for children who have had experience playing basketball before.
  • Do you run your program each term?

    Yes, we do! We also run holiday camps during the school holiday breaks.
  • If my child is shy can I join in to make them more comfortable?

    Of course you can! In fact we recommend that if your child is a little shy, joining in to help them become more comfortable is a great idea.
  • What do the kids learn?

    Great question! We cover warm-up games and different basketball skills designed to improve your child's fundamental skills. (fundamental meaning the most important skills e.g. dribbling and shooting)

    Every two weeks we introduce new skills so that the children are progressing and developing throughout the program.
  • What Age Can My Child Start?

    If you want your child to join in with our preschool basketball program, we recommend they start at three years old. However, depending on the kid’s basketball franchise you join, they might be able to join earlier with our daycare service.
  • What Does My Child Need to Bring?

    When participating in basketball activities for preschool children, the most important thing is comfort and mobility. As long as they feel comfortable and can run around, they should be fine.
  • How Do We Register?

    Registration at Little Boomers Basketball is simple! You can search for your postcode in the bar at the top of the page or contact usdirectly. Additionally, our FAQ and franchise FAQ pages should be able to answer any other questions you have.

Our program focuses on developing your child's:

Gross Motor Skills

Skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing and catching are incorporated throughout the 8 weeks


Our dribbling skills will improve hand-eye coordination with both the left and right hand

Listening Skills

Our structured basketball classes will help improve your child's ability to listen and follow instructions for a longer period of time.

Fitness Levels

Overtime, with exposure to our classes, your child will become more physically active and fit.

Cognitive Development

Our age specific skills require children to focus and complete the task at hand.


Developing new skills and making new friends will improve improve confidence both on and off the court

Since we're one of the few providers of kids’ basketball, our classes fill up quickly. If you have further questions, check out our FAQ page or contact us by clicking the button below.