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Kids Basketball Classes - Locations

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Little Boomers Basketball – Locations

Below is a list of all the locations that Little Boomers Basketball runs their kids basketball program.

Can’t find a location close-by? Click here and tell us where you would like to see Little Boomers next!

But Why Choose Little Boomers Basketball?

Great question. Here’s why Little Boomers Basketball is different to other kids basketball training programs:

  • STRUCTURED – Our kids basketball training program is structured to give your child the most experience during the 1 hour
  • FUN – How can you expect a child to attend their basketball lessons if they don’t enjoy them? All our kids basketball classes are designed to be fun and stimulating for children
  • QUALIFIED COACHES – Aside by being qualified, our basketball coaches have an intense desire and passion with working for children and will go the extra mile to ensure your child has a positive experience with our kids basketball classes in Belmore
  • CARE AND COMPASSION – Little Boomers Basketball is a family business, so we have a genuine care for the wellbeing and development of every child that joins our program. A child is not simply a “new enrolment”, but they are seen as an opportunity for us to make a positivity impact in their life that we have the honour of doing.
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