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Terms and Conditions

Little Boomers Basketball Terms and Conditions

  • I authorize my child’s participation in all activities of the Little Boomers program. While Little Boomers makes every effort to ensure safety, they cannot be held accountable for any injuries sustained during their coaching programs. Parents or guardians, along with their children, accept full responsibility for their participation and agree to release and indemnify Little Boomers and its staff from any legal actions, claims, or expenses, including injuries, illnesses, or accidents that may occur as a result of involvement with Little Boomers. Little Boomers is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings while attending coaching or education programs. Any medical conditions of the participant must be disclosed to Little Boomers.
  • Little Boomers does not offer a refund if you change your mind after making a purchase or if your schedule has changed after making a booking.
  • If a child no longer wishes to attend classes, the credit can be used for a sibling or the school holiday camps. Alternatively, the credit can be carried over to the next term. Prior arrangements must be made with Little Boomers for makeup classes if a child is unable to attend a session. Makeup classes are subject to availability in another class, and arrangements should be made in advance.
  • Little Boomers management may occasionally capture photos or videos for promotional purposes. Parents or guardians who do not wish their child’s image to be used for promotional purposes should inform the management. Parents or guardians must remain at the venue throughout the program. Little Boomers operates in various centers, and although efforts are made to confirm court bookings, there may be instances where the venue cancels the booking.
  • Little Boomers will attempt to secure an alternative center nearby or extend the term if necessary. Parents or guardians will be notified through email, text, and, if possible, a phone call. Certain program locations held at schools may only allow students from that particular school to enroll. If ineligible, an alternative location can be selected. New participants in the program must purchase a Little Boomers Basketball training kit priced at $45. The makeup class policy states that makeup classes can only be granted for illness or injury, not for other reasons. Makeup classes must be completed in the same area where the child is registered.
  • They cannot be carried over to the next term and are limited to a maximum of two makeup classes per term. If the child has been sick or injured for three or more weeks, their registration will be deferred to the following term.

Make-up classes policy:

  • A make-up class can only be awarded if the child is sick or injured, not for anything else.
  • Make-up classes MUST be done in the same area that the child is registered in. For example, if the child is registered in the Inner-West, the make-up class must be done in the Inner-West
  • Make-up classes CANNOT be rolled over to next term, they must be done in the current term
  • Only a maximum of TWO make-up classes can be awarded in one term. If the child has been sick or injured for THREE weeks or more, the registration gets deferred to the following term.