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Why partner with our network?

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Success Stories

“The transition from coach to business owner was fantastic. Becoming a business owner is what drew me in, I always wanted to become my own boss and take advantage of opportunities. I have one problem now, I need to keep opening more classes to keep up with the demand in the inner-west” – Michael, franchisee

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Right now, we are only accepting two franchise partners to join our network in the next 6 months.

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Why Franchise With
Little Boomers?

Have you realised kids basketball programs are hard to find? This alone gives you a huge competitive advantage in the market.
Imagine starting a business on your own? It’s scary. With Little Boomers Basketball, you have a head office team to support you with marketing, coaches and everything else involved with the business. You are not alone.

All businesses need cash to survive and grow. With our business model, payments are made in full for the term. This ensures you have enough cash to cover expenses and grow your Little Boomers franchise.

We offer 7 unique basketball programs to the market, all catering for different age groups, many of which aren’t available elsewhere. Some parents even travel one hour on the road to get to our classes!
A brand name isn’t built overnight, it takes years to develop. Little Boomers Basketball has an established and reputable name in the kids sports industry as the leaders in children’s basketball and development. This supreme brand power will be yours to leverage!
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Meet The Founder, Emile

Join The Family – Your Success Is Our Success

You’re not just INVESTING in a kids basketball franchise, you’re JOINING a FAMILY

Little Boomers Basketball is a family built business, with Emile the owner and his
mother Mary, the director. (Emile’s father, Barry even helps with pumping the basketballs

The reason why we have been successful and profitable in the past 5 years is because of
our values.

So when you decide to partner with Little Boomers Basketball, you’re partnering with a
business that has strong values. The key to long, lasting, healthy relationships is an
alignment of values. If you’ve been looking for a business franchise for sale with Little Boomers is the way to go.

As a franchisee your success is our success.

That’s how we view it.

We will do everything within our means to make sure you flourish and prosper with a profitable business as long as you are as committed as we are.


Right now, we are only accepting two franchise partners to join our network in the next 6 months.

Don’t let this opportunity pass. Take action now and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

You Don’t Need Basketball Experience – You Just Need Passion!

You might be wondering, “Do I need to be a basketball pro to run a Little Boomers franchise?” The answer is a resounding NO! You don’t even need to have played basketball before. We’re not looking for someone who can shoot three-pointers blindfolded (although that would be pretty cool), we’re looking for someone who loves working with kids and has a passion for making a positive impact in their lives.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience the excitement of scoring their first basketball shot, and as a franchise owner, you can help make that happen. It’s not about being a basketball expert, it’s about creating a fun, engaging environment where kids can learn and grow both on and off the court. Plus, watching a child’s face light up with excitement when they make that first shot is a feeling like no other. Trust us, it’s always worth it!

Get Ready To Change Lives – Including Your Own



Franchise Businesses For Sale

If you’re ready to join the Little Boomers family and become a part of something truly special, don’t let your lack of basketball knowledge hold you back. We’ll provide all the training, services and support you need to make your franchise a success. All you need to bring is your passion for working with kids and your love for seeing them succeed. Let’s make a difference in these kids’ lives and help them score their way to success!

At Little Boomers Basketball, we don't like to
complicate things. Becoming a Boomers Boss is as
easy as scoring a three pointer 😉.

There are 5 Steps:

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Step 1

Complete The Online Application Form

Don’t worry, it’s not an exam. The form is waiting for you at the bottom of this page.


Step 2

Discovery Call

A casual phone call with the founder Emile, to discuss your goals more and what you want this franchise to do for you.

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Step 3

Meet & Greet

Let’s put a face to the name! You will have court side seats at one of our basketball classes live in action so you can learn more about our business model.


Step 4

Dinner Date

A franchise is like a marriage. So let’s get to know each other more to make sure this is a right fit for the both of us. Dinner on us.

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Step 5


When you are looking to get married you have to propose right? Well instead of a ring, we will propose an offer to you which includes the investment and franchise location.


Step 6

Training & Prosperity

Once the agreement is signed, your training will begin! But it doesn’t stop there. Following training comes prosperity and growth for the next 5 years.

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1 Year Trial Period

We understand that a 5 year commitment is a long time. So after one year of owning your franchise, if you are not satisfied, we are happy to refund you 50% of your initial franchisee fee and exit the agreement.

Take that next step to becoming your own boss and complete the form below.

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Happy Child = Happy Parent!

Ever heard of a business franchise opportunity?

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unique business model today.

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