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Are you bored of punching numbers into an excel spreadsheet all day?

Learn one of the most valuable and indispensable skills any human being can attain – Working with children, and while getting paid!

The skill of being able to coach and work with children, we believe, is one of the most high-valued skill any person can achieve today. It will not only make you a better communicator and also more confident, but the employment and career opportunities that can arise once you master this craft will be endless.

So rather then learning skills that will have no benefit for your personal development now or in the long run, consider becoming a kids basketball coach with Little Boomers.

We are not concerned as to whether you can slam dunk it or have been playing basketball for 5 years at a high level, as that is not relevant when coaching children ages 3.5-12.

We are looking for someone who is friendly and approachable and experiences a sense of fulfilment when they see a child’s face filled with joy after scoring their first basket. Having knowledge of how basketball works is helpful but that can be all taught through training.

Why decide to work with Little Boomers Basketball?

  • Above market hourly rate with increases based on performance and employment duration
  • You will receive valuable experience and life lessons working with kids that can open up many different avenues for you.
  • We work around your schedule and commitments
  • We have a strong employer / employee relationship with all our coaches. We ask for your input for a range of matters and involve you in a-lot of the day to day business operations.
  • You are treated fairly and with respect all the time. We work alongside you and foster a friendly work environment. Many employee’s have issues in their workplace and are unhappy. You will not experience that at Little Boomers.
  • All our coaches are sociable and we regularly get together outside of work hours
  • Mutual understanding. You will know exactly what we expect from you and in return, you will know exactly what to expect from us, so that there isn’t any miscommunications.

In 2022, one of our coaches (Coach Lachlan) who has been coaching with us for over 3+ years has become a full time physiotherapist! Coach Hannah another long time Boomers Coach, is now in the police force! We don’t only develop basketball skills for kids but also life skills for our coaches.

If you feel like you are the right person to join our team and have the passion we are looking for, please feel free to call Coach Emile on 0422 320 492 to discuss how we can develop you as a person and coach.

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