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Frequently asked questions


Optional. You can be involved while your child / teen is learning the drills, or you can have them do it by there self.

Through Youtube. You can watch the videos on your mobile, iPad, laptop or tv. No log-in details are required, just click the link and start practising!

$15 / month

Of course. You will have Emile’s personal number so in the event where you require feedback, advice or assistance throughout any part of the program, Emile can help you. If for example, you would like to see if your shooting technique is correct, you can send a video to Emile and he can offer feedback on corrections to guide you.

You will receive an email with a link containing all the training videos – and away you go!

Ages 5-16

There is a variety of skills that the program covers. The main being – Dribbling, ball handling, shooting, technique practice and speed + agility. There are also valuable videos on developing a positive attitude on the court, dealing with losing and how to become a better team mate on the court.

All you need is a hoop, basketball and some cones. (you can use any type of markers) It does help to have an agility ladder for the speed and agility training series.

That’s perfectly fine! The Better By The Bounce program has two levels – beginners and advanced. Beginners are designed for children and teens who are completely new to basketball

How many times does your child or teen practice basketball? 1-3 times per week probably? In order to take your game to the next level, practice needs to be everyday, even twice a day.


The purpose of the Better By The Bounce training program, is to give your child / teen the most valuable basketball drills that they can do everyday and anywhere, that is going to take their game to the next level, with minimal equipment required.


The key is repetition, that is how skills are mastered. These drills need to be done daily.

The advanced level is designed for children and teens who have had more than 1 year of training experience in basketball.