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The KEY to winning in franchising is the same in sports - TEAMWORK. Hear from our SUCCESS stories.

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Why did you visit this page? 🤔

Let’s take a wild guess…

Is it because you are looking to make some extra income without slaving away with a 9-5 job?

Or could it be because you want to improve the quality of your life because you feel burnt out right now or even worse, bored and stagnant?

Or maybe you want to buy back some more time, so you can do the activities you enjoy while being able to generate income without you needing to be present all the time?

All of the above are valid reasons.

Many of our current franchisees experienced the same thing before they partnered with us.

So if this is you, it might be time for a change.

A change in lifestyle.

A change in passion and energy.

A change in your quality of life.

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Meet The Founder, Emile

Why Partner With
Little Boomers Basketball?

We offer a specialized and unique children’s basketball program to the market, that was developed from Sports Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney. 

Imagine starting a business on your own? It’s scary. With Little Boomers Basketball, you have a dedicated head office team to support you with marketing, coaches and other aspects of the business. You are not alone.

All businesses need cash to survive and grow. With our business model, payments are made in full for the term. This ensures you have enough cash to cover expenses and grow your Little Boomers Basketball franchise.

We offer 10 unique programs to the market, all catering for different age groups, many of which aren’t available elsewhere. Some parents even travel one hour on the road to get to our classes!

A brand isn’t built overnight, it takes years to develop. Little Boomers Basketball has an established and reputable name in the kids sports industry as the leaders in children’s basketball and development. This supreme brand power will be yours to leverage!

How we SUPPORT you along the way.

Assist in finding your first location to conduct classes
Program delivery and systems training
Finding and recruiting a team of coaches
Equipment package to deliver your programs
Head office bespoke marketing campaign to boost registrations
Local area marketing e.g. school visits
Program launch - You're officially a Boomers Boss!

But I have ZERO
about basketball and business?


What’s a travel? 

What’s a double dribble? 

What’s a cash flow statement?

Do you need in depth knowledge about basketball and business to
become a Little Boomers Basketball Franchise Owner? 

The answer is NO.

In fact you don’t even need to have played basketball before.

But, here’s what you do need.

You need to have a desire and a passion.

Whether it’s a desire to be your own boss or to make a difference to the lives of children, you must have that fuel for success. 

For a second, imagine this...


Imagine this…

You are running your own Little Boomers franchise in your local community.

You have hundreds of children participating in your program.

Parents can’t stop thanking you for the impact you have had on their children.

You have a loyal team of coaches travelling places and coaching so that you don’t have to be there all the time.

You stop by one of your classes and you see your kids having an awesome time on the court.

Children are smiling, parents are smiling.

You jump on the court to have a little bit of fun with the kids and coaches.

Then you duck out and proceed with the rest of your day.

That’s the typical day in the life of one of our franchisees.

Sounds too good to be true?

Enquire today and let’s see if we can make what you read above a reality. 

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