Term 3 registrations for new families will open June 20th.

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Eastern Suburbs

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Eastern Suburbs

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Eastern Suburbs is booming with parents looking for after school activities for their child to do on a weekly basis. What better activity to introduce to them other than a fun basketball program that they can tell their friends about too?

We also offer basketball holiday camps, school programs, daycare programs, basketball birthday parties and many more, so you’ll never go quiet throughout the year. Business will be booming.

Children aged 0-14


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To Become A Boomers Boss



Yes, you need to be able to dunk. JOKES! No basketball experience is required, we will provide a comprehensive training that will teach you all you need to know. We just need to make sure you are the right fit for our team.

Nope! You will receive comprehensive training on all the different components of the business. We just need to make sure you have a passion and want to make a difference to the lives of children!

No, coaching is optional but it is definitely fun and rewarding to be involved in the coaching. We will train you on how to run the classes but you will have a team of coaches to help you.

The good thing about becoming a Boomers Boss is that the hours aren’t full time, like 9-5. So there is some flexibility with continuing your current full-time job if you have one. However you must understand that like any business, it requires effort and commitment from you to grow. Once your Little Boomers franchisee starts to grow, which is what our plan is, it will require more time and attention from you. Keep this is mind.

It’s important that before you consider purchasing any business that you understand what you are getting yourself into. So  we have made the process easy, fun and friendly. The steps are easy:

  • Register your interest
  • Speak to our expert team to answer any questions you may have
  • Come in a have a face to face meeting to meet the team (or we can have a zoom)
  • Fill out an online application form, so we can learn more about you
  • Join us for a Discovery Day where you get to meet the team, visit some of our classes to get a behind the screens experience, speak to the team and current Franchise owners.
  • Receive your due diligence pack which has all your financial information, terrority and location.
  • We send you a Franchise Offer.
  • You accept the offer and we start training you on everything you need to know.


This depends on two factors – which locations are available and how quick you take action to move to the next steps. We will show you a geographical map of which locations we have available that we can offer to you.


Yes, there will be a monthly royalty fee. This will be discussed in the agreement so that you have a complete understanding of all costs associated with running the business. Transparency is important to us. Like you, we don’t like hidden fees.

This is dependent on location and offer. Your franchise and can range between $30-40k. Ask yourself, where could you invest that amount that will yield you a good and fast return on investment that is going to be around for the next 100 years?


Great question. Initially, our digital marketing experts will create a massive marketing launch at the commencement of your first term with us. (specialising in Facebook and Google ads) Ongoing, a portion of your royalty fee will be reinvested back into marketing for your area, to ensure we are continuously generating new leads and business for you.

Remember, like playing basketball, the key to winning is teamwork. There will be no solo efforts.

  • We help you find and secure venues to operate your classes in
  • We train and provide a team of coaches to run the classes (you can coach yourself of course)
  • We create a massive marketing launch exclusively to your terrority to promote your classes and sign-up’s
  • We teach you how to operate our systems and enrolment software
  • We teach you how to secure day-care centres, OOSH programs and primary schools
  • We provide you with all the equipment you need to start your classes including hoops, basketballs, jerseys and so on
  • Weekly meetings to keep in touch and offer assistance for wherever necessary
  • Goal setting – Together we will aim to set targets of how many enrolments we want to achieve each term and knock them down together.
  • Training – We will provide ongoing training to changes that occur in our program or systems to keep things fresh and new.
  • Marketing – A portion of your royalty fee will be allocated back into your terrority for marketing to ensure you are getting the exposure you need to maximise sign-up’s