All our programs were developed by Sports and Exercise Scientists from the University of Technology Sydney.

A Program Like None Other!

Little Boomers Basketball is Australia's most popular children's basketball program for kids ages 3.5-12. We use basketball as a team sport, to teach children life skills that they can use off the court. Our program is inclusive and suitable to children of all skill level including beginners. Book a free trial today so your child can experience The Boomers fun today!


Contains fun skills and games proven to improve children's basketball and fundamental movement skills.

By playing in a team, your child will learn life skills such as sportsmanship. leadership and teamwork.

All our basketball programs are suitable to children of all skill level and abilities.

All our basketball coaches are accredited and have a passion working and helping children.

All basketball classes include both skills and games to ensure your child is getting the most benefit from their session

"Professional team & great program for kids, my son loved basketball because of how the Little Boomers Team introduced it to him, in a fun and engaging way. The team from Coach Emile to all the other coaches are hands down one of the best. So cooperating, flexible and very nice. We look forward to the next term in 2020. Keep up the amazing work Little Boomers!

Amina - Mother

You will notice improvements in your child's:


As your child’s skills develop and they become apart of a team, their confidence will increase both on the court and off.

Gross Motor Skills

Our program includes hurdles, ladders and other activities designed to improve gross motor development


Dribbling and shooting will help improve hand-eye coordination

Energy Levels

Studies show that physical activity help increase energy levels and focus for the entire day.


We select team captains at the end of each session to reward children for displaying role model attributes.

Team Work

Our game at the end will allow your child to communicate with other children on the court to improve their social and team skills


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