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Why Should My Kids Do Basketball Classes?

Why Should My Kids Do Basketball Classes?

Looking for a new activity to get your child involved in? Basketball is a fun sport that boys and girls can start at a very early age. Learning to play basketball helps children to stay fit, healthy and happy, while teaching all sorts of skills like playing basketball (that one’s obvious), working in a team, making friends and perseverance. Getting your child started young won’t just keep them healthy and engaged now – it will be a foundation for them to stay active and succeed in all sorts of ways later in life.

Here are just some of the reasons your kids should do basketball classes:

Improve Their Physical Fitness

Children aged 6-17 need at least one hour of moderate exercise each day, and should engage in vigorous physical activity 3 days per week (according to the CDC). Learning basketball is a fantastic way to incorporate exercise into your child’s routine, and will contribute to their overall physical health and fitness. Kids can play basketball during school terms and during the holidays (with our basketball camp), so you can rest assured that all their exercise needs will be met.

Increase Their Motor Skills

Learning to play basketball involves all sorts of skills like pivoting, dribbling, throwing and catching. Starting basketball at a young age improves kids’ motor skills by encouraging them to use all their major muscle groups. Basketball also improves hand-eye coordination, flexibility and endurance. Whatever your children choose to do when they are older, all these skills will serve them well long into the future.

Boost Their Psychological Development

Learning to play basketball doesn’t just enhance physical health, fitness and coordination – it also boosts psychological development and mental wellbeing. Playing in a team helps children to make new friends, learn about social dynamics, develop conflict resolution skills, get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and experience the camaraderie that comes with being part of a group. Teamwork also improves communications skills and problem-solving and introduces kids to the benefits and challenges that come with a dose of healthy competition (kids will learn that winning and losing are both parts of life, how to be a good sport and that perseverance pays off). Basketball will teach your children social skills and coping strategies that will be useful in various parts of their life – at home, at school, at work, and in their relationships.

Build Their Confidence

As we have said above, playing a team sport comes with all sorts of mental and physical benefits. The challenges that basketball lessons provide boost confidence, improve self-worth, increase self-esteem, and encourage children to develop all the character qualities they will need when they face challenges down the track.

Let’s Get Started!

Basketball isn’t just about learning to play a new sport or getting exercise – it’s also about the joy that comes with meeting new people and working with others. Just think of all the new people your children will meet, the new skills they will learn, the way their mental and physical health will improve and, most of all, all the fun they will have! If you’re ready to enrol your children in basketball lessons, just sign up for one of our classes today! We have classes for kids of all ages and abilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.