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Top 3 Tips To Help Your Child Get Through The School Holidays

Top 3 Tips To Help Your Child Get Through The School Holidays

If you have young kids, chances are the school holidays can be a bit of a challenge to manage. From keeping them entertained to helping them stay on top of their learning so they don’t fall behind when the new term starts – there’s certainly no lack of things that need to be done!

Luckily, as parents, we can take some simple steps during the school holidays to ensure our children have fun, productive experiences over this time off from classes.

In this blog post, we’ll look at three easy tricks for making sure your child has an awesome school holiday break so they kick off the school year feeling refreshed and confident. Let’s jump in!

1. Make sure they’re waking up/sleeping at the same time

During school holidays, it can be too easy for kids to forget about their routine and go to bed late or wake up late every day. While having more time for rest might seem like a great idea, taking care of our body’s internal clock is essential for regulating our energy and mood levels.

By maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule, your child will feel more energised throughout the day, letting them make the most of their extra downtime while staying physically and mentally healthy!

Setting a rhythm is important in any lifestyle to ensure success, but especially during periods when we’re not bound by structure. So when it comes to the holidays, help your kids find the balance between relaxation and routine.

2. Make sure there’s an activity planned for each day

It’s important for kids to have an activity planned each day of the school holidays. Not only are these activities great for providing children with something productive and engaging to do during their free time, but they can also help them learn new skills or even introduce them to new passions.

Whatever a child’s interests may be, from playing music or sport to crafting or reading, there are always fun ways to keep the momentum going throughout their break from school. Having a planned activity most days can help children stay on track and provide lasting memories and accomplishments long after the holidays are over.

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3. Limit screen time, or have a task that’s required before screen time is allowed

School holidays are the best time of year for kids because they don’t have to worry about setting aside study time or going to school. But it doesn’t mean that all rules go out the window! We should still be thinking about our child’s physical, mental and social well-being and limit their screen time.

Allowing kids to have a task that’s a requirement before they can access screen time on holidays will provide them with the opportunity to do something engaging and positive, like helping around the house, doing summer reading, or playing outside.

This helps kids take a break from screens while also enjoying quality family time. Being able to unplug and have fun offline is so important – particularly during special times like holidays which don’t happen all year round. So, let’s strive for balance during the holidays!

All in all, these are just some of the things you can do to help your child make the most out of the school holidays. Once you find your own balance of structure and fun activities for your child and family, that’s when school holidays become a great time for everyone.

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